SEO specialist and copywriter with many years’ experience getting small and large businesses onto the first page of Google. My services include site optimisation, keyword research, SEO copywriting, reporting and training.

SEO – what’s that all about?

Simply put, effective search engine optimisation makes sure your site shows up in Google – and that the right people can find it. This can literally make or break your business.

If you’re wondering how important this really is, check these SEO facts:

What is SEO exactly?

SEO focuses on organic search engine rankings (that’s unpaid search rather than paid-for ads).

The point of SEO is to not only to increase the quantity, but also the quality of traffic to your site. What does that mean? Well, visitors will be interested in whatever it is you are offering, which in turn improves your site’s conversion rates.

Why is SEO important?

This won’t come as a surprise: the vast majority of people will use a search engine to find your site.

More strikingly, 95% of users don’t go any further than the first page of results. This is why it’s so important to not only show in Google, but also rank highly.

How does SEO work? What do you do?

When optimising a site for search engines I use a range of creative and technical methods that help the site’s visibility, which in turn means increasing exposure and targeted traffic.

These techniques range from ensuring that the site is structured and built in such a way that search engines can read it, to including the best keywords in all the right places, to making sure your site is linked from other relevant websites.

Because the web (and Google!) change constantly, SEO is a long-term investment that often required continuous efforts to achieve and maintain rankings.

My SEO services

My services include SEO keyword research and site optimisation – either as a one-off or ongoing support.

If you’d like to learn how to optimise your website yourself I can also train you – either as a workshop or in a 1-2-1 SEO coaching session.


Prices depend on the setup and size of your site and how much ongoing support you would like.

If you already know what level of support you’d like request a quote and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.