Website copy doesn’t convert? Need someone to breathe life into your writing? Don’t have time to write all that content? Can’t see the wood for the trees?  I’m a copywriting and SEO specialist – I can help! 

With over 10 years of experience crafting copy that communicates clearly and ranks well in search engines, I know what to do to attract the right people to your site and keep them engaged.

Copy that packs a punch

What does that even mean I hear you ask? Easy: eye-catching web copy gets to the point and makes it easy for users to spot what they’re looking for.

So, in short, your site needs headings, snappy paragraphs and punchy sentences in plain English – and normally fewer words on the page rather than more. Nobody reads waffle on the web.

If your site keeps people reading – maybe by telling a story or explaining a concept – it will be one step closer to persuade them to take an action at the end. That’s one of the most important points of copywriting.

I’ll make sure that your site is in the right shape to:

  • speak to people on a personal level
  • provide all the information in a useful and easily digestible format
  • reassure users about your product or service
  • convince users to do what you’d like them to, for example download a file or buy a product

What really helps when trying to persuade someone is to first understand them. To find out more about your target market and how users are searching for your content, services or products, it’s vital to think about search engine optimisation and analytics.

Why use a copywriter?

Keep people engaged

Ever notice how you scroll past big chunks of text? That’s you and me and everybody else too. Research shows that people on the web are impatient – we don’t read closely, instead we scan pages for relevant information.

We like it when we can easily understand web content and find key points without searching much. That means snappy copy, which is free of jargon and well-structured, with headlines, links and bullet points – and keywords in the all right places.

Build trust

Providing useful and relevant content helps your customers find what they’re looking for. That makes them feel good about you and helps you get the right people to your site.

It’s easy to get hung up on internal details that no customer needs to know about. A copywriter helps you spot when the focus is on you rather than the users’ needs. Because: if you can answer your customers’ questions, you’re one step closer to winning their trust.

Save your precious time

We all know that researching and writing great copy is time-consuming. That’s one big reasons countless web projects are delayed or never even start.

I will make sure your copy not only pulls in your readers, it’ll also be delivered on time.

Get to the top of Google rankings

Isn’t it a shame when your first-class copy doesn’t get read by anyone because nobody can find it? That’s where search engine optimisation comes in. And luckily, what works for search engines is good for users too.

SEO is part of my copywriting. But I offer more. Read more about my other SEO services.

How I can help you

My services range from researching and writing copy for your website from scratch to editing existing copy for coherence, style and SEO. If you’d like to know how to do it yourself, give me a shout! I love training people in web writing, tone of voice and SEO.

Get in touch now to discuss your project and get a quote.